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Seton Conquistadors

Seton School Athletics

Seton Conquistadors

Seton School Athletics

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Game Summary

3.0 weeks ago @ 12:09PM

CoEd Varsity Cross Country Catholic State Championships

Game Date
Oct 24, 2023

Today was the Virginia Catholic State Championship Meet, featuring teams from 12 Catholic schools from around the state, ranging in size from large schools like Bishop O'Connell and Pope Paul VI to small schools like Walsingham and Roanoke Catholic.  On the boys side, St John Paul the Great dominated, winning over Catholic High School of Virginia Beach by 78 points, while Saint Sebastian Academy repeated as girls champs, pulling out a 9 point win over Bishop Ireton.  Seton boys improved on their finish from last year, moving up from 8th to 4th, while the girls dropped one spot from 8th last year to 9th this year.

For the boys, Michael Brand was recognized at the awards ceremony, finishing 13th with a time of 18:17.  Patrick Gross also broke 19 minutes, finishing in 23rd place at 18:55.  As has been the case all season, our 3rd through 6th runners finished in a pretty tight pack, with Max Wilson (19:22), Dan Jackson (19:25), Jerome Kramer (19:43) and Peter Konstanty (19:53) coming in within 31 seconds.  Our 1st-to-5th split (the time between our team's first runner and our fifth runner) was 1 minute 26 seconds, which was the best split for the boys competition.  This helped us score 137 points, tied with Paul VI,  Because of the way cross country is scored, getting your 4th, 5th and even 6th and 7th runners in before other teams get their 3rd, 4th or 5th can really help your team score.  Even though he did not score, our sixth place runner, Peter Konstanty, placed ahead of Paul VI's 6th place runner, which gave us the tiebreaker to claim 4th place.   Not only that, but Peter placed above Paul VI's 4th and 5th place runners, which caused those Paul VI runners' scores to be one point higher.  

For the girls, Lily Griffin and Rose Waldron led the way with times of 24:25 and 24:28, respectively.

Here are the Seton results:

Lily Griffin 24:25
Rose Waldron 24:28
Monica Hartung 25:37
Penny Kramer 27:00
Mary Catherine Munsell 28:22
Philomena Kay 28:37
Cora Kramer 28:37
Noemi Rodriguez 28:39
Colette Kramer 32:33
Michael Brand 18:17
Patrick Gross 18:55
Max Wilson 19:22
Dan Jackson 19:25
Jerome Kramer 19:43
Peter Konstanty 19:53
Joseph Dwane 20:58
Patrick Kay 21:07
Kieran Kelly 21:37
Michael Brox 22:00
C J Ghering 22:57
Gabriel Dwane 23:29
Peter Hartung 23:44
Ben Ellis 24:02
Nick Vaughan 24:25
Joey Lynch 25:51


Only one personal best - Ben Ellis - on this course, which was not as hilly as some others but quite challenging.


Here is the breakdown of the boys vs Paul VI for 4th place:

Score   Runner Team   Place for team Time
5   Logan Beale Paul VI   1st 17:26
13   Michael Brand Seton School   1st 18:17
19   Chase Garcia Paul VI   2nd 18:44
23   Patrick Gross Seton School   2nd 18:55
30   Ryan Maso Paul VI   3rd 19:21
32   Max Wilson Seton School   3rd 19:22
33   Daniel Jackson Seton School   4th 19:25
36   Jerome Kramer Seton School   5th 19:43
39   Peter Konstanty Seton School   6th 19:53
41   Alex Fromm Paul VI   4th 19:57
42   Brian Revor Paul VI   5th 20:00
51   Vinny Kiernan Paul VI   6th 20:21
52   Stephen Schafer Paul VI   7th 20:23
61   Joseph Dwane Seton School   7th 20:58
Seton   137 *   = 13 + 23 + 32 + 33 + 36 (39) (61)  
Paul VI    137       = 5 + 19 + 30 + 41 + 42  (51 ) (52)  
 *  Seton wins tiebreaker because of 6th place runners  

For the girls, Monica and Noemi bettered their time on this course from last year.  Our five-person girls varsity team finished ninth, with Lily, Rose and Monica leading the way followed by Penny Penny and Mary Catherine.

In the JV race, Philomena and Cora finished together, with Noemi just a few steps behind, followed by Colette.

For the boys, Joseph Dwane was our 7th runner in.  Patrick Kay did well in the JV race, placing 14th and getting the 8th best time for a Seton boy, beating out Kieran, Michael Brox and CJ.  Gabriel Dwane and Peter Hartung also bettered their time on this course from last year.  Nick and Joey finished strong, after taking on the difficult Occoquan course.

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