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Seton Conquistadors

Seton School Athletics

Seton Conquistadors

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Game Summary

1 month ago @ 1:07PM

CoEd Varsity Cross Country VCAC Meet #2

Game Date
Oct 3, 2023

Here are the results from Tuesday's VCAC Meet #2 at Burke Lake:


Burke Lake is a challenging 3 mile course with a lot of elevation change.  Our runners did well, with 10 personal bests, 3 more season bests, as well as 5 experienced runners who did their best time ever at this course.  In addition, our sevvies ran their first 5K race as Seton runners, with Peter Russo getting a top 5 finish in the middle school boys race!  For the girls, Rose Waldron ran very well and placed in the top 12, as did Michael Brand for the boys.


As a team, the results were a repeat of the Leesylvania race, as we are running against the two time defending Division 2 champion )Trinity) and the likely Division 1 champion (John Paul).  Having this level of competition will make us better!



GIRLS Time   Place Notes
Rose Waldron 22:21.3   12th Season Best
Lily Griffin 23:26.5   18th Season Best
Penny Kramer 24:48.6   40th  
Monica Hartung 25:14.0   46th Season Best
Mary Catherine Munsell 25:49.9   49th  
Cora Kramer 28:08.2   63rd Personal Best
Colette Kramer 31:31.9   79th Personal Best
BOYS Time   Place Notes
Michael Brand 17:58.9   12th Personal Best
Jerome Kramer 18:24.9   15th Personal Best
Patrick Gross 18:32.1   18th PB at Burke Lake
Peter Konstanty 19:09.5   21st PB at Burke Lake
Max Wilson 19:47.9   28th  
Daniel Jackson 20:11.1   31st PB at Burke Lake
Kieran Kelly 20:43.6   39th Personal Best
Patrick Kay 20:45.0   40th Personal Best
Michael Brox 21:01.5   44th PB at Burke Lake
Christian Ghering 21:22.5   48th  
Nick Vaughan 22:21.3   55th Personal Best
Gabriel Dwane 22:25.9   57th Personal Best
Peter Hartung 24:19.9   66th PB at Burke Lake
Noah Vaughan 25:39.6   70th  
Ben Ellis 27:18.0   72nd  
Andrew Ghering 27:31.4   73rd Personal Best
Peter Russo  22:58.13    4th Fourth place in MS Boys! 1st 5K this year
Grayson Shambaugh  24:08.87    10th First 5K this season
Joey Lynch  24:59.34    12th

Personal Best

Robert Chiappetta 25:12.76   14th    First 5K this season

John Paul Hartung 33:53.08 26th     First 5K this season


                          Time     Place      Notes

Chiara Ghering 36:19.45 33rd    First 5K this season

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